+ When can I expect my order?

We process orders the next business day and ship out Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Orders that come in after noon on Friday (EST) and over the weekend ship on Monday.

There are options for expedited shipping upon check out. Please note all delivery times are estimated and we are at the mercy of our fine friends at USPS / UPS.

+ Returns & Refund Policy

Sorry, unfortunately we can't accept returns nor issue refunds. That said, if your shipment arrives damaged or with other issues, please reach out to us right away: and we'll work to remedy the issue asap!

+ Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to the United States & Canada. Unfortunately, extended international shipping is not available at this time. We may open it back up again soon. Sign up for our newsletter for updates.


+ What is Instant Coffee exactly?

Instant coffee is, in essence, a dehydrated cup of coffee. With a simple addition of water—or any liquid of your choice—the dehydrated coffee crystals will spring back to life, offering a cup that's ready in an instant.

It goes without saying, instant coffee has a reputation for being of lower quality. For good reason— often the coffee chosen for this process is bottom of the barrel quality and old. The conventional techniques employed by the handful of mega-factories are quite aggressive, stripping the coffee of its nuanced flavors and aromas. These factories optimize for quantity, not quality.

SWIFT flips the script. We are prioritizing quality over quantity— rethinking manufacturing practices of old and seeking to create what we hope is the best instant coffee available ... perhaps even a cup of coffee that stands up to some of the finest freshly brewed coffees.

+ How is SWIFT instant different than other instant coffees available?

While most instant coffees are products of a bygone era, focusing largely on mass production [AKA cheeeap and badddd], SWIFT stands apart by championing quality at every step. Our mission is to make quality coffee more accessible. We apply the values of specialty coffee (ethical sourcing + quality driven) and enjoy the convenience that instant coffee offers.

A quick note— this ideal of quality and convenience is easier said than done. It's a "have your cake and eat it too" type situation that has required us to rethink the entire manufacturing process.

We start with some of the best coffee available (and thankfully, in this day in age, finding that coffee is the easy part). Turning that coffee into [good] instant coffee and scaling it to any meaningful amount is the hard part. SWIFT has developed equipment and proprietary methods that are unique. It's been 8 years of trial and error and this pursuit of quality is never ending. At times, we've even downshifted our growth when we felt the quality would be sacrificed. This continues to be our guiding principle moving forward. If we won't drink it, we won't sell it (and we're fairly particular).

+ How do you make (manufacture) your instant coffee?

By nature, there are some methods that are proprietary and we have to keep these close to the chest. Here are some broad strokes:

We start with high-quality, ethically sourced coffee and with a high level of precision, brew a very flavorful extract. The only ingredients in our process are roasted coffee and water. From there the brewed coffee is frozen to sub-zero temperatures while it awaits freeze drying.

Freeze-drying, while slow and not the most efficient, is our chosen method because it best preserves the nuances of the coffee's flavors and aromas. In this method, the frozen coffee is subjected to a vacuum, allowing the ice to transition directly into vapor without passing through the liquid phase, retaining the coffee's original character. Nerd stuff. Once dry, the remaining coffee solubles only need a little water to bring the original cup of coffee back to life. Ta-da! Magic.

+ What is the shelf life?

If stored in a cool (<70F) and dry (<40%) environment, our instant coffee is quite stable, perhaps for many years! Heat and moisture will significantly impact shelf life. Please refer to the Best By date on the package and be mindful of storage conditions.

+ What are the ingredients? Are there any additives?

Easy answer - just high quality coffee and water. Nothing more, nothing less. No chemicals or other additives.

+ How much caffeine per serving?

Caffeine is a naturally occurring compound found in coffee. With that, levels of caffeine may vary slightly from batch to batch. Per the USDA, instant coffee has approximately 31.4mg of caffeine per 1g of instant coffee. Our serving size is 4.5g per cup which equates to roughly 140mg per serving.

+ Are your coffees organic?

No, our coffees are not certified organic. While we respect and value the principles behind organic farming, it's essential to understand that the organic certification can sometimes be a complex process that isn't always feasible for all producers. For many small farmholders, achieving organic certification can be economically challenging and, in certain situations, not entirely reflective of the actual sustainable practices they may already employ on their farms.

+ Are your coffees *fill in the blank* certified?

No. Respectfully, we (I, Nate, the co-owner who is writing this) am allergic to paying gatekeepers for marketing non-sense. We only work with some of the best coffees available, no frills and no smoke and mirrors. If we put a seal of approval on our packaging it's because we believe it's important.

*steps off soapbox*

+ Regarding roast levels (light and Dark):

We're working to develop a more comprehensive guide, but in the meantime a good rule of thumb is our African coffees will be the most lively in sweetness and acidity (aka lightest). Our Mainstay - Blend and South American coffees are a bit more subdued and hold up well to milk or sugar. Check out our Twilight - Dark if you like lower acidity, fuller bodied coffees (preferred by most dark-roast fans).

+ How much does it weigh? (Backpackers, looking at you!)

Super light weight! Each single serve packet weighs ~7g (1/4oz) and makes upwards of a 12oz cup of coffee. WOAH!

+ Regarding co-manufacturing:

Please check out the contact sections below with your inquiry, Thank you!