Mainstay - Blend

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Mainstay is our seasonally driven blend that is sure to satisfy almost any coffee drinker. Named Food & Wine's favorite instant coffee, expect a sweet, clean and balanced cup that highlights an array of fruits, matched by rich cocoa flavors. Easily enjoyed black or with milk!

Mainstay is available as an instant coffee in single serve or bulk options. The single serve sachets contain 4.5g (.16oz) of instant coffee and makes a recommended 10oz cup of coffee, just add water! Choose your pack size: 6, 18 or 48 cups.

The bulk option is our most economical way to enjoy Swift instant every day! Skip the extra packaging and gain flexibility in how much coffee you'd like to make at a time. Choose your pack size: up to 25 cups (113g) or up to 50 cups (225g).