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Colombia - Divino Niño (Roasted Coffee)

Huila, Colombia is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in South America. The Andes Mountains are not only picturesque, but they are also the foundation for some of the most dynamic coffees on earth. The high elevation, varying climate conditions, and soil health among other factors offer the building blocks for world class coffee! 

This coffee comes from the hamlet, Divino Niño in the mountainous region of Suaza in Huila. It's one of those coffees that could quickly become your daily go-to. It's a very chocolatey coffee with a honey like sweetness and stone fruit acidity. That being said, it also holds up well if you prefer a bit of milk in your coffee.
Contains 227g (8oz) of whole bean, roasted coffee which will make about 10 cups of coffee.
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This coffee was roasted by our friends and alma mater, Passenger.

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