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Happy Accidents - Gesha Blend

Mistakes happen. Sometimes very expensive mistakes. Like when you accidentally mix a coffee that was $40 per pound (La Esmeralda Gesha) with a coffee that is "good" but not exactly, "$40 per pound, good." Oops. 

Enjoy our Happy Accidents blend. Hopefully just this one time ... ahem, Ben. 😉

Real talk, this coffee is delicious. It turned out way too good to throw away. It's floral, crisp and has a much deeper base than the La Esmeralda Gesha did on its own. Limited quantities available. 

Happy Accidents is available as an instant coffee in single serve or bulk options. The single serve sachets contain 4.5g (.16oz) of instant coffee and makes a recommended 10oz cup of coffee, just add water! Choose your pack size: 6, 18 or 48 cups.

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